[KPL033] Miroslav Wilde – “Ocean EP”

[KPL033] Miroslav Wilde – “Ocean EP”


[KPL033] Miroslav Wilde – “Ocean EP”

  1. Morning

  2. Ocean

Miroslav Wilde was born in Ukraine in 1994, but soon migrated to the city of Saint – Petersburg Russia. His musical tastes evolved over his career out of the trance and techno to bass lines and dark sounds of dub and deep techno.

The release “Ocean” is a heartful dub-techno work (soundtrack). While creating this music, I was greatly influenced by my trips to the sea. I wish you were immersed into the atmosphere of travelling alongside the endless ocean. Just enjoy it!


W&P by Miroslav Wilde

Mastered by Vtr
Cover by Raúl G.






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